It has been said that Christians are to live as citizens of heaven colonizing the earth. At Imago Dei, we live this out by organizing around mission.  We want people who live near each other to meet together for the purpose of caring for their neighbors.  Milwaukee is filled with people who desperately need to know that there is a God in heaven—and that He has not forgotten about them.  We are organized to make the love of God tangible in our neighborhoods.  Further, we will seek the good of the city.  We are currently volunteering at the Hampton elementary school and developing partnerships with several other organizations in the community.  


God created the nations.  He created culture.  If we are going to fully experience God, we must embrace the diversity that He created to display His glory.  Further, a local church ought to reflect the make-up of its location.  And God has placed Imago Dei in one of the most diverse areas of the city.  We are committed to worshipping the one true God in Spirit and in truth, using many different genres of art and music, from hymns to hip-hop, so that we can live out the image of God by reflecting the diversity of Milwaukee’s West Side. 


Imago Dei is committed to executing ministry as a team of teams.  There is only one superstar in this church, and His Name is Jesus.  The rest of us are just trying to follow His lead, together.  We believe that we can only live out the image of God by serving Him as a team of teams.  Jesus did this with the 12, Paul with Timothy, Titus, and others; in fact, it’s challenging to find an example of individualistic ministry in the Bible.  And typically, where you can, the story doesn’t end well! 

Leadership Development

The world today is suffering from a lack of leadership.  There was a time in history when the world looked to the church to provide leadership in many different spheres of life including art, music, government, and more.  We believe God has positioned Imago Dei to discover, develop, and deploy leaders into the world.  We are committed to developing future pastors, church planters and missionaries as well as web designers, business leaders, and musicians.  If “God so loved the world that He would send His only Son…” then it follows that God still loves the world enough to send His church into the world—to live out His image by engaging Milwaukee.